EQ Equalizer : A Fine equalizer for Android in Material Design

EQ is an equalizer for Android that features Lollipops Material Design, and the app can also further adjust the sound of your music apps.

An equalizer is a piece of software that could affect the sound. Want more bass? Or slightly more treble? Do you listen to classical music or hip hop? These are questions which a huge equalizer comes in handy.a

Such equalizer apps are available for Android in a while, and EQ is one of the finest available at this time.

"The app is suitable for all your favorite music apps, Spotify to Soundcloud," the developers. The app allows you to activate a standard equalizer for different types of music, such as dance, electro, hip hop and acoustic. The app provides a convenient bass boost option, where you can immediately turn the bass up or down with one swipe.

Furthermore, it is possible to develop and maintain their own equalizers, which you can use at a later time. So plug your headphones into your Android, launch EQ, press your favorite EQ and enjoy.

EQ is a free download in Google Play for devices with Android version 2.3.3 and higher. It can be download from the badge below :

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