[Android 5.1 Feature] Improved Heads-up Notifications

There are many important new features of Android 5.1 Lollipop and one of the main concers are heads-up notifications, they finally got improved. First things first: when you receive a heads-up notification, you can click it to open the app, wait for it to disappear or make a swipe side to get rid of it permanently.
The problem is that notifications bar is to remind us about things and not to eliminate it we have to wait to disappear independently, waiting for how short it is irritating when we are engaged. With Android 5.1, however, we can make a swipe from the bottom up on the notification, so you do not have to wait, and at the same time it holds the notification in the bar for viewing later .
The confirmation of this implementation was by a Google engineer in response to a developer who had provided the code just to add this feature, here is the full statement:
Agreed that it makes sense.  In fact, it was called for in the original design, but just didn't make it into the L release.
Thank you, Sabastiano for writing a fix. The code looks correct, unfortunately (fortunately?) the issue has already been fixed internally, so we won't be able to use this particular patch.

So all we have to do is wait for the arrival of the new version of Android Lollipop, which will probably be made ​​official during March or near thatIn the meantime, take a look at how it works in the video below :

Source: AndroidPolice

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