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[APK] VLC Adapts Material Design UI in their Latest Nightly Update

We all know VLC was doing some beta test few months back and it is a great app for Android Devices but it was lacking the good UI or the app was not based on the Material Design. If you had already downloaded the still find the Play Store, but the app has been removed for some reason, so new users can not install it.
However VLC has its nightly build, and the latest one has Material Design UI. The difference from before is not abysmal, but it is noted, and you can see the changes that we leave below (left the current old version on the Play Store , the new one on the right).

If you would like to try the nightly VLC in Material Design, we remind you that this is currently only compatible with devices ARM v7, so make sure that it is your before downloading, otherwise incompatible.

Download APK VLC 1.1 ARM v7 in Material Design

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