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[APK] Google Play Store Updated to 5.2.12

The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.2.12. It starts from a new page for details, call emblematically  Details Page V2 , which is probably in the testing phase and maybe we will see already in the next update. 

The second concerns the app for enterprise customers, it will be put on the Play Store without actually loading them on Google's servers: it can only be downloaded through a VPN or a corporate network, while maintaining the advantage of providing updates through the Play Store.
This app is hosted by your company. It has not Been scanned by Google, and may only be installable while you are connected to your company network or VPN
 As you see there then other material concerning the voucher for discounts, which we had already spoken in the past , although as will be implemented this feature is not clear for now. We conclude then with the polls that the Play Store will show you to assess their quality and, finally, with the ability to change the country store, though probably the latter is present at the end of testing for developers of Google and will never be released to the public. 
What’s New
The Google Play Store 5.2.12 update contains very minor changes, of which are detailed below:
– Updated details page that is currently disabled.
– Built-in ability for enterprise to deliver custom apps to devices.
– Addition of reward vouchers which will allow items to be discounted on the Play Store.
– Ability for a user to be prompted to answer a short survey about the Play Store.
– Inclusion of a special flag to allow users to override their location.
You can go ahead and grab the latest Google Play Store 5.2.12 APK from here.