[Leaked] Meizu Planning to Launch Cheap Circular Smartwatch

Meizu has recently launched the line Blue Charm to offer devices at a low price, providing value to buyers. For example, just the other day 100,000 units of the Meizu M1 (Blue Charm) were sold for $112 each in a flash sale that took all of 60 seconds
Based on the leaked photo, it looks like Meizu will include a smartwatch in the Blue Charm lineup which will be cheap but circular, these two are the main concern that for now we had not seen together in a smartwatch. Interesting is the presence of a kind of home button, with a design similar to that used on their smartphones.

You should know this is an unconfirmed rumor but our hope is to see this come true, to be able to see concretely what Meizu has to offer in this area especially if rising to a limited price than that offered by the market to nowadays.
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