[APK] Google Hangouts Updated to v3.0 with New Contact Cards & Other Tweaks

The latest update to Google Hangouts, which should be rolling out now, bumps the app to version 3.0.

However, despite the noteworthy version number, this particular update isn’t filled with new features. The update focuses more on some minor tweaks, including changing the location of the snooze feature. It’s now at the top of the navigation drawer. For users that might have experienced a bug with changing the volume while in a Hangouts message, that particular bug has been fixed, too.

The changes are small, except for one big difference in the new contact card, as noted by Android Police. The new contact card is much richer, both in content and presentation, offering plenty to see about the individual through information pulled from their Google+ profile. Now the new contact card will show images, recent interaction, and more right there, so you don’t have to go digging for that pertinent information if you don’t want to.
Download the APK here : Hangouts 3.0

The update should be rolling out now, so keep an eye out. How often do you use Hangouts? [via Android Police]
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