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[APK] Google Play Store Updated to 5.3.5, Brings 'Update All' button and Small UI Tweaks

The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.3.5.

What’s New:

  • Expanded notification options in the settings. You can now updated from a notification.
  • Auto-hiding action bar.
  • Landscape layout for content.
  • Flick-To-Close gesture removed.
Now, when holding a phone in landscape orientation, the content for Play Store entries no longer reaches edge-to-edge and allows a bit of the featured background image to show through on the sides. 

Top: Old, Bottom: New

Also now  action bars hides automatically as users scroll down the page. Of course, as soon as the page is scrolled up even a little bit, the action bar pops back into view.
 Left: Old, Right: New

 And one most the most nicest feature they've added in this update is a shortcut to make it as easy as possible to update apps. A notification button that will give one-tap access to update any outdated apps on your device it will just contain a single button that either reads "Update" or "Update all," depending on the quantity of apps that are awaiting new versions.

Here are the Update and Update all buttons.

That's all folks now you can go ahead and grab the latest Google Play Store 5.3.5 APK from here.
Notice anything else different in the newest version of the Google Play Store? Drop us a comment below. Source : AndroidPolice

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