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[Download] Nexus 9 Received Android 5.0.2 Update

While all the other Nexus have already received the update to Android 5.1 or 5.1.1, the only one to wait (except the version 3G / LTE tablet) it is Nexus 9, still standing to Android 5.0.1. Well, you know that today a new OTA for the latest tablet made ​​by Google and HTC, which leads ... Android 5.0.2 (LOLOL).

There are no clear reasons why the update was further delayed: only a few days ago a Google engineer informed us that some bugs had delayed the release , but at this point it seems unlikely a destination in a short time even if we continue to hopes up. The OTA weighs 23.3 MB and can be downloaded officially from this address.
And if you want the factory image of this whole update you can get it here.
Google still has not demonstrated the impeccable management updates with Lollipop and criticism there will from this point of view, because now Android 5.1 has been made ​​official for almost two months.

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