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Android M Developer Preview 2 Unveils New Features

Google has released a new preview version of Android M released. It comes to Android M second preview version for developers where to find some new features.We put the new features in Android M for you in a row.
Android M was announced in late May at Google I / O 2015 . As stated earlier, the 59 new things in Android M put in a row, and now it's time for the second preview version of Android M. Here are some new features added by Google. The official version of Android M, which therefore will be rolled out to the consumer comes in the autumn of this year.
In the second version of the developer version of Android M there are numbers of new features. For example, it is in Android M possible to use the entire interface lying, in landscape mode. Of course it was already possible to use certain apps and games in landscape, but things like the home screen was to use only tablets in landscape.
Left: old - Right: new
If you make a screenshot that is still not satisfactory, you can throw in the Android M in a faster way. For this you do now no longer completely dive into your gallery. The Android M launcher which we previously wrote about, is also adapted. The letters to the initial letter of the apps indicates is removed, leaving more room there is again available for the apps themselves.
In the notification bar you could, in almost every smartphone choose to show or hide the battery, the battery percentage. In Android M is now emerged the new function whereby it is possible for the battery percentage not next to the battery icon, but in the battery icon to show again. This way you save some space back and get you more reports in your notification bar.
Furthermore it is possible for developers to the icons of institutions themselves on and off. Would you rather not see the WiFi icon in the bar, or do you just hide other icons? Than is possible in this version of Android M. Only the clock and the battery can not be hidden. It is still to be seen whether this new feature will also be available in the actual version of Android M.
In Android M users get clearer understanding in the working memory, also called RAM-memory. You can view the average RAM usage over a period of three hours, six hours, twelve hours of the last day. In addition, the information about the memory per app clearly mapped for users.
The new developer version does not yet have Google Now on Tap, "a very useful tool.Read all about Google Now on Tap . There are also in this preview release some bugs that may occur. This makes sense because it is not for nothing this is a developer version. 
The new update is now available as an OTA as well as factory images.

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