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[Download] Google Offers Two Unreleased Material Design Wallpapers

We all love wallpapers and when Google stuck in few wallpapers in every OS release, Recently on Google’s Design site, Rachel Been shared the story of the art behind the new wallpapers in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The story talks of the artist’s (Carl Kleiner) use of different types of paper, layering, and lighting to create these Material Design wallpapers.
Yes these are not made digitally but used real paper and other textures. SO COOL!
The entire blog post on these “paperscapes” lets you in on things like the types of paper used that have “subtle and sophisticated texture.” Kleiner also references the “organic” feel to each that is highlighted by “painted surfaces, color pigment powders, floating ink, and the like.” It’s actually pretty interesting stuff, even if you aren’t an art guy or gal.
Also that posts include two unreleased wallpapers of Material Design designed by Carl Kleiner that are available for download. Both are fantastic looking, especially when you realize that these are photos of actual creations made up of paper and texture.
Here are the two wallpapers, just save them directly, they are at full resolution :
Source : Google Design

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