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New Google Play Store UI Rolling Out Now

Few days back we told you about the new major UI update of Google Play Store that was teased to us has begun rolling out to users. Don't get happy because it is a server-side change, so updating your Play Store to a new version via .apk file may not even do the trick. And the version of the apk is 5.10.30, so if you still don't have the new UI while being on that version don't worry.
Anyways, as you can see in the screenshot, it looks like the slide out navigation menu is getting a change too, with shortcuts to the new Apps & Games and Entertainment sections at the top, then other direct shortcuts for the rest of the Google Play sections below.

Entertainment of course has subsections for Movies & TV, Music, Books and Newsstand, while the Apps & Games tab has separate sections for top charts, games, categories, family and editors' choice. The new shaped buttons replaced the old square ones throughout the app, used in place of the scrolling tabs in use before.

You should see it hitting your own phone soon — just be patient, because it could take a while considering how slowly these things tend to roll out.
Tell us in the comments what do you think? Source : AndroidCentral

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