Nexus 4 Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow Port, Here’s How To Install It

The speciality of Nexus device is the support from the developers which makes miracle happens. Just like Lollipop, another developer managed to port Android 6.0 Marshmallow. And there is no reason we can’t have what we want. Specifically, owners of the Nexus 4 should rejoice: It’s definitely at your own risk, but you can now install an unofficial build of Google’s latest version of Android on your phone. 

Note : Kickedface is not responsible if your device get's damaged or turn into a T-Rex.

This port is done by a developer named Dmitry Grinberg, and he also gave a tutorial of how to make the image yourself using the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) are published on his website. You can download the full working image that he provided — and installing it is pretty simple.

You can download the image from Dmitry’s website. There are mirrors available in the Reddit thread, but it might be wise to avoid these if possible.

While we are just started testing the ROM everything looks good so far, we have confidence that it will work given the many reports from Redditors who say it’s working just fine. That guide assumes you already have the ADB tools installed on your computer. If you need the ADB tools, head over and download the Android SDK. The rest of the guide should be pretty straightforward (once you manage to download the image, or create it yourself, of course).
Source : 9To5Google

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