Paranoid Android is Dead?

We all know who are Paranoid Android and for those who doesn't know about them, here is a brief definition about Paranoid Android. 

Paranoid Android is a custom rom focused on open devices. They add extra features to Android OS keeping everything close to stock or we can say minimalistic.
The company already ended support to many devices but fortunately a parallel team AOSPA-L , eventually was able to provide support back. However Paranoid Android is ending slowly due their development, it's been months we don't even know if they are working on something or not. A member of their team, Andre Saddler posted this on Google+ :
ParanoidAndroid is dead. Ever since oneplus hiring its been done
It is unclear whether this post is confirming anything, although in comments he said few points like, the poor communication between developers, pr since the big companies starting hiring their devs.

We still don't have anything on their official channels and blogs about this news, so we just have to wait for further on the matter and we hope that the word "end " wouldn't become reality.
Source: Andre Saddler (Google+)
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