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[Leak] Lenovo’s Upcoming MotoMods for the Moto Z or Motorola DROID

Earlier today we got another good look at the upcoming Moto Z as it appeared in 3 colors for Verizon Wireless: black, silver, and gold. While we don’t know what it will be rebranded to when it launches later this year on Big Red, we do that it will be a new flagship in Verizon’s longstanding “DROID” line.

Unfortunately, the leaked renders showed the bare-bones model of the phone without any of the interchangeable back plates rumored to launch with the device. But @evleaks doing what he does best, just tweeted out new renders, this time of the modular accessories Motorola will be calling “MotoMods.” There’s supposed to be 6 at launch, with the leak showing us 3. It’s hard to tell what they’re function will be, with the obvious one being the camera attachment complete with physical shutter button and possibly a xenon flash.

The other 2 are more of a mystery. The one in the back has a port on the side of it, possibly a thinner battery pack, while the middle MotoMod is much thicker and appears to feature some sort of kickstand. Again, it’s tough to tell, but hopefully @evleaks will reveal more details as we approach the phone’s big June 9th unveiling.

Source : @evleaks

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