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[Leak] Motorola DROID or Moto Z Leaks in Black, Silver and Gold

Lenovo has a press event coming up on June 9th when it is expected they will reveal their new flagship devices. Reports indicate they will be rebranding their line, rooted in the Motorola Moto X series, as the Moto Z. One thing that does not appear to be changing is the relationship with Verizon to produce a dedicated DROID device that is essentially the top of the line phone from their portfolio, but rebadged for the carrier.

A new image posted by Evan Blass on Twitter shows three different color variations for the alleged DROID that will be hitting the market this year. Comparing this image to a previously leaked set of images reveals one significant change. The previous image showed the Moto brand within the camera lens with the DROID name being placed low on the back of the case. This new image shows Moto being replaced with DROID in the camera lens and at least on the back of the device, that is the only place it appears. The batwing M is still present, but otherwise there is no indication the phone is a Moto device.
Beyond the branding changes, the image suggests three colors will be available – black, silver and gold. In an interesting twist, the black version is showing with gold trim making for a striking combination. Also readily visible are the connectors believed to be for the swappable back plates that will double as expansion modules for the device.

Source : @evleaks

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