Allo and Duo Get New Icons On Google Play Store

Google announced their two new communicating apps, Allo and Duo. It seems like when Google announced Allo and Duo, they weren’t quite finished with the project. If you keep up with Google that probably won’t shock you, but it’s still fun to see the small changes that happen right up until a project is “finished.” The latest tweaks for the pair of messaging apps has to do with the icons, and it appears Google has changed the color scheme a bit before both apps are officially released.

When the apps were shown off at Google I/O this year, Allo had a red background and Duo had a blue background. Basic, pleasant color scheme that differentiated a bit from the green hues of Hangouts.

Those app icons stuck when the pre-release pages went live on the Play Store, too. However, it looks like Google has changed things up a bit and adopted a slightly different icon for both apps before they’re actually available for the general public to download.
Left : New / Right : Old
Left : New / Right : Old
The red is completely gone from Allo, and Duo has had its colors shifted from white on blue to blue on white. It’s an odd, very last minute change, but personally I think it makes more sense. Allo and Duo aren’t made for the same kind of communication, but keeping a consistent blue coloring across both apps should give a little uniformity that’s lacking from Google’s messaging platform(s).

With all of this being said, it’s still an unreleased Google app. For all we know, they might change the colors to yellow and pink when it’s time to actually launch the apps.
Source : Android Police
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