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[APK] Pixel Launcher Now Available for Download

Recently we told you that the Nexus Launcher had been renamed to Pixel Launcher? You can now download it, sideload, and get a taste of Pixel before the phones are officially announced. This new Pixel Launcher .apk does indeed install over the top of the Nexus Launcher. So yes, the Nexus Launcher has been renamed to “Pixel Launcher.”
The Google pull tab and the date have both been moved down a bit. The pull tab also seems to have grown a bit in length. In addition, all of the icons have shrunk down a bit, which in my opinion makes them a little easier on the eyes. So far, I'm liking the changes.
The calendar icon is now dynamic, which means it changes each day. Yay!
In the app drawer, the biggest change is that the navigation bar is now transparent. This should have allowed the drawer to show more apps, but since Google also made the spacing between rows bigger, the change is negligible. Like on the home screens, the app icons are a bit smaller. A small change is the slight rise of the line below the "Search Apps" text; the actual text remains in the same place though.

Below, you’ll find a .zip file that includes both the Pixel Launcher (v7.1-3231428) and the wallpaper picker, along with individual files for each in case you don’t want to deal with a .zip.

As a warning and reminder, we are not the providers of these files and cannot assure you that they are safe. These come from @Llabtoofer. Proceed at your own risk. 

Zip Link: Pixel Launcher (.zip)

Individual Files: Pixel Launcher 7.1-3231428 (.apk) | Wallpaper Picker (.apk)
Source : @LlabTooFeR

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