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Google Renaming ‘Nexus Launcher’ To ‘Pixel Launcher’ With New Screenshots

Google Renaming ‘Nexus Launcher’ To ‘Pixel Launcher’ With New Screenshots

Google, in October, is all set to finally release the much awaited gen-next smartphones. Only this time, they will not be the Nexus phones. Google will soon be coming out with the Pixel series of devices. The company is no longer expected to create Nexus smartphones. The Pixel devices will be touted in the markets as ‘first ever smartphones with Google’s hardware’.  While the markets are really excited for this launch, a recent leak has showcased screenshots which are allegedly from the Google Pixel Launcher which was Nexus Launcher when it got leaked previously.
These screenshots come from LlabTooFeR, one of the most popular names when it comes to HTC Leaks. In recent highlights, LlabTooFeR was also the main source of information for the Forbes article talking about the cameras and the OS of the upcoming Google smartphones. LlabTooFeR had confirmed that the Google Pixel smartphones would be running the Android 7.1 OS. However, these leaked Google Pixel Launcher screenshots give a much better insight into the device.
Left: Old / Right : New

The screenshots showcase a cleaner, more professional look. There is a noticeable improvement when we compare it with the Google Now launcher. A Google Now/Search tab floats on the top left corner of the screen. All in all it is the same launcher which got leaked as "Nexus Launcher" but it is being renamed to "Pixel Launcher".

 The smartphones are expected to release on the 4th of October. Based on information obtained via the aforementioned Forbes report, the pricing too has been speculated. It is suggested that the 32GB Pixel might cost $449 whereas the 32GB Pixel XL may cost the users upto $150 more, and will be priced in at $599.

The new Google Pixel Launcher would be an exclusive feature of the Pixel smartphones which would keep them separated and more ‘premium’ when compared to other Android devices. It has also been speculated that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL might also feature the Snapdragon 821 processor from Qualcomm. In addition to this, Google is also expected to come out with their own series of smartwatches. It is unclear if they will be announced at the event, but they are working on them for sure. Things are expected to get much clearer in the weeks to follow.
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