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Google Pixel's Live Wallpapers Aren't Your Typical Live Wallpapers

Google's latest smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL runs on Android 7.1 with some Pixel only exclusive features like Camera, Assistant, Ringtones and etc.

But there is also one thing which mostly everyone missed, Google Pixel Live Wallpapers. Yes, you might think they are just normal live wallpapers what's the big deal. Well let us educate you to a very nice feature Google's Pixel phones will be having.

The wallpaper for Pixel phones are created by B-Reel. B-Reel is a creative agency that creates ads. Their clients include Google, Facebook, Disney, MTV and many others. Recently they gave out the information on this URL which currently leads to a 404. However, you can access that web-page cached here.

The website contains some information about these Pixel Live Wallpapers with a video. Also some of their work experience with Android and Google. They also have some Google Pixel pictures which you are seeing on this article. which showcases the device in various shots running Pixel live wallpapers.
The video which they have on their website shows a demo of Pixel wallpaper which is a day-to-night live wallpaper named a "horizon-split". Here : 

Let us quote everything that we find on the website below :

Google Pixel Wallpapers. Client: Google. Design and Development. ​Creating a premium wallpaper experience for Google Pixel​.
We worked with the Android team to create a collection of live wallpapers showcasing Earth's beauty while using Google's smarts. The ‘Live Earth’ collection features high fidelity imagery from Google Earth and user interactions optimized exclusively for the Pixel.

Wallpapers serve as the very first touchpoint for users and help establish a premium experience and build an emotional connection. For the Pixel, we wanted to design an experience that was both inherent and unique to Google.
We created three types of live wallpapers, as part of the collection.
Your world, Solar System. Inspired by Apollo 17’s Blue Marble, this live wallpaper views Earth from space based on your GPS location with real-time clouds updated directly from Google Earth. We wrote a custom shader to work on the GPU, using GLSL to avoid excessive battery consumption.

Scenic shifts. Playing with scale and motion, we created six dioramas using some of Google Earth’s best imagery. Each one features a separate location that animates dynamically on phone unlock and swiping through your homescreen. These were created using 3D models and textures extracted from Google Earth, and rendering them in OpenGL.
Look to the horizon! The sun rises as your phone charges, and lowers as the battery is consumed. A visualization of battery life that involved careful gradient selection to avoid banding and composing images on the GPU using a custom shader.
It was truly a pleasure working with the team at Google and having our live wallpapers natively implemented within Android on the Pixel.
So, it seems like these aren't your typical live wallpapers, which are battery hungry or uses too much of CPU as they stated. However, we are little confused why Google never showcased this feature in their Google Event, anyways let's wait for them to open the website again and shipments of the device itself.

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