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OnePlus’ Carl Pei Confirms Touch Latency Issue Is Fixed

A OnePlus 3 and 3T problem which has plagued the devices since last November has reportedly been fixed. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei took to Twitter yesterday to announce that the input lag issue has now been addressed, and he did so via the medium of Emoji.

In the tweet, Pei presented a ‘tick’ or ‘check’ symbol beside the words “touch latency,” suggesting the problem had been resolved. Further, Pei included a clock symbol next to “Alert Slider,” signalling that more features for the devices’ unique alert slider button are in the works.

Though Pei doesn’t mention a time-frame, the same tweet does list the words Alert Slider followed by a clock emoji which could mean that some features are coming soon. At the very least it displays that OnePlus has heard their users and that they’re currently working on something for it, even if there is no hint on what that might be.

The alert slider in its current state will only work for switching on do not disturb mode, though users with the latest OnePlus devices are wanting more out of the button so they have a way to customize its functionality. For the time being there are applications that can be installed from the Play Store which open this up a bit but now it looks like OnePlus is nearing an implementation of some native expanded functions.

It’s possible that it will arrive as part of a bigger update, alongside the latest Android security patches, perhaps, rather than as an OTA of its own.

The problem was said to have been addressed once prior to this alongside the update to Android Nougat. That, obviously, didn’t pan out.

Hopefully, this latest fix is the real deal. You can keep an eye on the OnePlus forums for an indication on when this might roll out.

Source : Carl Pei