Google Assistant Now Has A New Interface With White Background And Rounded Cards

Recently, Google has been doing a lot of changes to their Feed and Search, Google Assistant interface. And today, they have introduced a new interface which is widely rolling out and features a brighter background and rounded interface elements.

Google Assistant has been slowly rolling out this UI for quite a while now. It arrived on the dedicated Assistant app on iOS early last month, but only today began to widely rollout to all AndThis change is more noticeable with the white — instead of light gray — background, while cards, carousels, and speech boxes now feature more rounded corners.

Left: Old design; Center, Right: New design

As you can see in the screenshots above, the new UI fits more perfectly and pleasing to the eye. The buttons now has a bezel that result in a raised, three-dimensional appearance that make suggestions more prominent. This applies to everyone, including the thumbs-up/down emoji for providing feedback to results. Notably, it appears that the “Share screenshot” chip is making a comeback following its disappearance after Google added a command to take screen captures.
The “Your Stuff” tab that lists your Reminders, Agenda, Orders, Shopping List, and Shortcuts also gain rounded cards, though Assistant app carousels in the “Explore” page still have rectangular cards. However, in a recent teardown, we were able to activate a redesign that dropped the carousel for a list of rounded cards.

With this rollout, the Google app on all mediums and platforms finally have a consistent, unified look.

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