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[Leaked] OnePlus 5T Unboxing Video

[Leaked] OnePlus 5T Unboxing Video

In less than week OnePlus will unveil OnePlus 5T, but recently there were some images which were leaked and shows the whole smartphone with specs few days ago.

But, today, we have a 5-minute unboxing video that compares OnePlus' current flagship with the OnePlus 5T. The video was uploaded to YouTube by a vlogger called Karl Conard. But unfortunately, the videos has been deleted. 

The good news (or bad for OnePlus) is someone else uploaded the video somewhere else and it's unlikely that it will be pulled anytime soon.

Well, if you enjoy spoilers when it comes to smartphones, this video will show you everything you need to know about the OnePlus 5T before the smartphone even gets revealed.

The one major difference between the OnePlus 5 and 5T is the display and the location of the fingerprint sensor. Since the OnePlus 5T comes with a bezel-less screen with 18:9 aspect ratio, the phone doesn't include a home button anymore, so the fingerprint sensor was moved on the back side.

OnePlus 5T will be officially unveiled on November 16 and we believe it will not take that long for the Chinese company to make it available for purchase worldwide.

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