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Google AR Stickers Are Now Live On Pixel Devices

Back at Google IO 2017, Google unveiled that there are some AR fun for Pixel devices. Today, Google made them public with ARCore app and AR Sticker app update.

Google uses ARCore’s environment-scanning algorithms, the app overlays digital decorations on surfaces like floors, tables, walls, and chairs. The app has various types of stickers which are shown below :

This AR Sticker mode is added inside Google Camera, all you have to do is swipe to bring the menu and click on AR Stickers. Also, when you will open it for the first time, it will ask you to calibrate the device for better experience. 

To control them, feel free to use two fingers to pinch and zoom or drag them further to put each item in the right spot.

Google has included a handful of Star Wars items, food-like emoji (“foodmoji”), the ability to type out words in various fonts, props, and Stranger Things characters.

You have two options, first is video recording while using AR Stickers and the other one is capture picture using the camera while you have AR Stickers on.

For those who want to try it, you will need to update the ARCore system app and new AR Stickers app linked below. You may need to be on Android 8.1. Everyone on 8.1 seems to be able to update, while those not yet on 8.1 are getting a “not compatible” listing. Try it out it is very fun :