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Google Releases Android Distribution Numbers For December 2017

New month means new Android distribution numbers for December. Today Google dropped some new statistics (mans not hot) of Android distribution number which shows a slow uptick in the percentage of the newest version of Android, as well as an uptick in the previous version, followed by a decline in all others. 

That’s just how Android works, though it does seem like the newer versions are catching on even slower these days or at least never reaching the same heights as they once did.

For December, the Android Distribution show Oreo up to 0.5% and Nougat up to 23.3%. After that, we’ve got Marshmallow down to 29.7%, as well as Lollipop at 26.3%, KitKat at 13.4%, Jelly Bean at 5.9%, Ice Cream Sandwich at 0.5%, and Gingerbread at 0.4%.