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[Download] Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Wallpapers

Seen enough videos on Samsung Galaxy S9 and want it? Well, we certainly can't give you a S9 but we can give you some wallpapers you’ve seen so far on the Galaxy S9. We now have all of the included wallpapers that come with the device available for download and use on any other device.

In total there are 19 wallpapers, most of which are sized at 2560×2560. That should be good enough for any phone you’re using, plus even your desktop monitor.

There are a few color gradient options, the above dandelion paper, standard “S9” papers, as well as the triangular look in a few different colors. To get these on your device in full resolution, follow the link below to download the entire zip folder, unzip the wallpapers, then place them on either your desktop or phone. From there, go ahead and set them as your wallpaper.

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