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Google I/O 2018 Schedule Reveals New Things For Wear, Chrome OS, Assistant And More

As we all know, every year Google does their event Google I/O and this year is no different. Today. the first Google I/O 2018 schedule went live, which shows us some goodies that Google has for their developer event. From Android and Android Wear to Google Assistant, I/O 2018 will be packed with news surrounding the stuff we care the most about.

This year, Google is being very careful to not to give any information from which we can guess or assume what they are upto. But we can already tell that Android will be everywhere. There are scheduled sessions to discuss not only what’s new in Android in general, but additional sessions for security, memory management, runtime, etc.

This year, Google might annouce a big Wear update (maybe 3.0?) which it does need desperately after the release of Wear 2.0 to get people more interested in owning a smartwatch. 

Another session which is “Whats new in Android apps for Chrome OS” will also be a big one. We can hope some great announcements like all old Chromebooks will get Android apps.

Some other sessions that stood out are those involving Google Assistant. Google is planning to talk further about integrating Assistant into other smart home devices, building out more Actions into Assistant, and of course, how those should work with the new Google Assistant Smart Displays. Remember, the first Smart Displays will arrive this summer, but before we get there, Google needs to get developers ready for them. At I/O, we’ll get to see exactly what Google’s vision for these are, plus we’ll probably get to really play with some of the first devices.

And finally, Material Design. This will be a huge 2018 overhaul for Material Design

See the rest of the early schedule at the Google I/O site.

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