[Download] Huawei P30 Wallpapers

Recently, Huawei announced their two new phones called Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro, which brings over a decent level of upgrade from the previous generation and offering a great set of features for a good, albeit still expensive, price tag. Other OEMs have made us accustomed to the rising prices of flagships, and since the new P30 lineup does pack in some impressive technology, the high pricing is just a little easier to digest.

However, the high pricing of these overkill flagships effectively means that a lot of consumers will not immediately jump at the opportunity to upgrade to them. This shouldn’t stop you from using the Huawei P30’s wallpapers on your own device.

All the wallpapers are 2340 x 2340 in size. To use the wallpapers, simply download the zip from the link below, extract it to a convenient location and follow the steps of your launcher to set the wallpaper, which is usually a long press on the homescreen, selecting the “Wallpaper” option, choosing the “Pick Image” option and selecting the desired image.

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