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Twitter Is Getting The True Dark Mode “Lights Out”

If you use Twitter, you might know this that the Twitter’s current dark mode is not the true dark mode because they use a dark blue color instead of black. It’s easier on the eyes, sure, but if you want that true night time black experience, a dark mode should be black. That has finally arrived.

Today, Twitter announced that a “Lights out” option is coming to iOS starting today. In Lights out, you get to turn Twitter’s dark mode into a blackout experience. As you’ll see in the Tweet below, you first enable the normal dark mode that you have now, but there will soon be an added “Lights out” option that flips everything from dark blue to black.

Since few of you are iOS users and only care about Android, I can only tell you that Android support is coming “soon.” That’s according to Engadget, who got a statement on Android support from Twitter.

Source: Twitter