[How-To] Setup Google’s New Automatic Call Screening

This week Google dropped the first “Pixel features update” with new features. One of the new features to arrive on Google’s Pixel line is a part of Call Screen. Google has taken their previous Call Screen idea and applied a couple of new highly useful options that will let your phone automatically filter out spam and other unwanted calls.

The update is either rolling out as a server-side something or other through the Phone app or was pushed behind-the-scenes from Google because I have the new features and the only thing receiving an update today was Google Connectivity Services. Earlier, I was wondering why my phone kept doing single-ring calls, but now I get it.

Inside Phone>Menu>Settings>Spam and Call Screen>Call Screen, you’ll find a new option that saves Call Screen audio, as well as individual settings for spam calls, possibly faked numbers, first-time callers, and private or hidden numbers. By tapping on each, you’ll get to choose to let those types of calls ring through or be screened. Depending on the type of call, you may see an option to “silently decline” and also “Automatically screen. Decline robocalls.” You can update your Phone app via play store. The link is given below.

Download: Play Store
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