[Download] Pixel 6 New Wallpapers Which Are Shown In Ads

Recently,  Google unveiled their Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in their videos and we now know that each phone would be available in a trio of colors. While we’ve not heard anything concrete about the names for these colorways, we’ve seen the standard Pixel 6 in green, red, and black, while the Pixel 6 Pro will come in silver, gold, and black.

More than any previous year of Pixel phones, the color is critically important for the Pixel 6 series. Android 12 has set the stage for this with the availability of “dynamic colors” in its Material You design language, recoloring all sorts of apps to match your current wallpaper.

To take things a step further, why not use wallpaper that matches your phone’s exterior? In a recent magazine ad, Google did just that, showing off all six colorways of the Pixel 6 along with a matching wallpaper. There is one issue though, one of the wallpaper is missing, there is a purple wallpaper shown on the smaller black Pixel 6, and in its place, we find one with notes of gray and beige.

In the original ads, one noticeable aspect was that the themed icons on the homepage used much bolder colors than seem to be possible in the Android 12 Beta on Pixel phones today. In our testing, there isn’t anything special about these wallpapers to trigger the colors shown in the Pixel 6 ads.

This collection is different from what we saw earlier. To save the wallpaper just open them and click save, they are not compressed.

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