Google Planning To Launch Pixel Watch in 2022 To Rival Apple Watch

Recently in a report from Business Insider, it was unveiled that Google is planning to foray into the smartwatch hardware segment with an offering likely to be called the Pixel Watch.

Presently, Google only dabbles in smartwatch software with wearOS, an operating system deployed in collaboration with Samsung and other smartwatch manufacturers. Next Year, Google could diversify and launch a smartwatch of its own, reportedly codenamed “Rohan” during development.

The report suggests that the Pixel Watch (Rohan) will be completely bezel-less and round. In April this year, leaker Jon Prosser had shown off renders of what this wearable could look like. He also speculated that the watch would launch as soon as October, but that did not materialize.

Rohan could be branded as the Pixel Watch, in line with the Google hardware lineup, but Insider says it isn’t clear what Google will eventually name the product. Internal documents were seen by Insider reportedly revealed that the search giant wants to target the masses with the watch. Although the wearable will feature health-tracking features, it may skip out on some advanced sensors. A company document read, “insufficient sizing excludes some users from wearable wristables entirely.” It added that the objective is to design a watch that is “comfortable to wear for at least 90% of the population.”

Google employees told Insider that the company is aiming for a Spring 2022 launch, but the timeline is likely to change based on feedback from some employees tasked with using and testing the new watch.

What are your expectations from the Pixel Watch? Will Google be able to outshine the Apple Watch?

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