Sunday, August 20, 2017

[Download] Essential Phone Wallpapers

11:56:00 AM

Recently, Andy Rubin release a new phone by his new company called Essential, which is supposed to compete with other flagship phones like iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 etc. And if you are looking to buy one and couldn't, we got your back! The new Essential Phone has a pretty mind-bending screen with super-tiny bezels, and it just looks even better with one of its default wallpapers loaded. 

Note that not all of them aur super-high resolution but as soon as we get them, we will update the post. So, Here are six different wallpapers that come pre-loaded on the Essential Phone and  will surely look great on your phone if you're looking for something simple, elegant and dark for a wallpaper. Enjoy!

Source : Android Central

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

[Official] Android O Coming On August 21 After The Solar Eclipse, Name Likely Oreo

12:19:00 AM

It's official! Google's upcoming Android OS update, which is Android O will be announced officially on August 21 with name of it , the same day as the big total solar eclipse!

Today, Google shared a new webpage which is over at the Android site with a countdown to the unveiling, which will go down at 2:40PM Eastern (11:40AM Pacific). For those who haven’t been following the eclipse saga and are confused by the timing, the solar eclipse expected to end at around 11:37AM, so 3 minutes later, we’ll get Android O.

Also, here is this small hint which most likely confirms that Android O will be named Oreo. But keep in mind, we are not sure as Google tends to troll at the end.

The video above was posted to Google+ and the person who uploaded it named the video file “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids%2B%25281%2529.mp4.” See anything in there? Yeah, it says “GoogleOreo_Teaser” as plain as day. 

Is that a confirmation that Android O is Oreo? Well, no. Google likes messing with us, but they did immediately delete that G+ post (it was here) after that bit was spotted and replaced it with another post and new video titled “OctopusTeaser.mp4.” You tell me – Oreo or nah?

The special Android eclipse page will feature live video streams from NASA and also the reveal by Google in NYC. You can catch all of that action at this link on August 21.

Let's see what Google brings to us.

Source : Android

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

[Leaked] Official Render Of LG V30 In All It's Glory

5:27:00 PM

LG soon will be announcing their next flagship phone LG V30 on August 31st at IFA in Berlin. So far we know that this device will have a 6.0" 1440p P-OLED display with the trending 18:9 ratio and curved edges (FullVision, as LG calls it). Also, the device will sport a dual camera setup of a 16MP, f/1.6 aperture main camera with a 13MP wide angle lens. 

But, today we got the best view of the device from the famous leaker Evan Blass or @evleaks. The latest image confirms all the previous leak like barely noticeable bezel and that big beautiful screen with 18:9 tall ratio. 

On the back it has a rear mounted finger print scanner/power button and dual camera module with separate flash. The sides have an almost chromed look. There are volume buttons on the left and the SIM card tray is on the right. Although we can't see them here, we understand from previous leaks that there will be a USB-C port on the bottom and the fabled headphone jack will be present on the top.

And here is the comparision between LG G6 and LG V30, and we can already see that LG V30 looks better. The new thing about the V30 is it's curved sides, also smaller bezel removed that ugly LG logo on front which makes the device more neat and aesthetic compared with LG G6. 

We expect it to be powered by a Snapdragon 835 and have at least 64GB of storage and 4GB RAM, although we haven't heard anything concrete about those specs just yet. 

We are not far away from the announcement of the phone, so far we already know everything. Let us know if you like the look of it in the comments.

Source : evleaks

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Google Pixel 2 FCC Listing Reveals Android 8.0.1, ‘Active Edge’ Feature And More

5:05:00 PM

Recently, Google's next generation phones are in the air due to some leaks and other information. This year's Pixel XL successor widely rumored to be made by LG and the smaller one will be made by HTC. And last year, on August 15, HTC-made Google Pixel and Pixel XL arrived at the FCC (Fun fact: They were still “Nexus” phones then), confirming reports of HTC making the phones while also revealing some specs. 

And now, history repeats itself, HTC has once again returned to show off their latest creation, a phone we believe to be the Google Pixel 2. Thanks to these FCC filing we are sure that this is the next Google Pixel phone.

First of all, you will sse that there is this e-label for FCC filed by HTC with numerous documentation from the Taiwanese company, today’s listing (NM8G011A) includes numerous test reports discussing cellular connectivity. 

Also, there is this screenshot now which shows the new Android O Settings app which is running Android 8.0.1, running August security patch. It might be the final release of Android O, and there is this specific set of screenshots shows us more. Look in the center screenshot  under the “Languages” section – see anything fun there? That’s right, we have a confirmation on the Pixel 2 having an “Active Edge” that allows you to “squeeze for your Assistant.” Yep, the rumors of the Pixel 2 having a squeezable edge were correct.

For those who are wondering about the storage space of the phone, we got you.  This phone in particular has 64GB storage. Notice the “21% used” storage amount with 50.66GB free? A little math gets us to the 64GB, which has to have you wondering if 64GB storage is the base storage amount for the next Pixel line. The original Pixel and Pixel XL shipped with either 32GB or 128GB – no 64GB model of either existed. The FCC is calling this a “Production unit.”

Next up, you’ll notice the baseband showing “mw8998,” which should be a reference to the Qualcomm chipset the phone is running. For example, the Pixel shows a baseband with number “8996” attached and the Pixel happens to run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or MSM8996. There are rumors suggesting the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 run the Snapdragon 835 (or 836?), which happens to be the MSM8998. Just keep in mind that the Snapdragon 820 and 821 both fall under the MSM8996 range, but are somewhat different. So we know that the Pixel 2 runs at least a Snapdragon 835.

Since this is an FCC listing, here are all of the supported bands for all of the major US carriers:

Finally, here is what the phone’s label looks like, just for fun. You’ll see the FCC ID is NM8G011A. Last year, the Pixel and Pixel XL were NM8G-2PW2100 and NM8G-2PW4100, respectively. The break down here is “NM8” is HTC’s FCC grantee code, leaving us with G011A as the possible model number of the Pixel 2. “G” here meaning Google, of course.

Recent leaks points to the Pixel 2 sporting the same design as the original. Fortunately, the thick bottom bezel is at least now home to a speaker grill for dual front-facing audio. Of course, this is coming at the expense of a 3.5mm audio jack. Design-wise, the glass window on the rear has been shortened and no longer surrounds the fingerprint sensor.

Source : FCC

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Youtube Is Testing New Floating Video Player

2:19:00 PM

As you all know, YouTube v5.0 added floating in-app video player which is very convenient and basically you can make any video you're watching turn into a small window on the bottom right by swiping it down, pressing the down arrow in the top left corner, or simply pressing the Back button and swipe it away to close the video.

Looks like YouTube is testing a new way of showing that floating window or we can say a new UI for that in-app floating player. The new UI make the window much more wider and with more information and controls.

Previously it was just a window and you had to tap the window to get the controls like pause, play. But now it gives you control without tapping the video and the title of the video as well. We know this isn't something groundbreaking but we might see few more iterations of this new UI.

Below you can see how it looked before and then after:


We can't provide you an APK of this update because this is an server side change so even if you download the same app version, you might not see it. However, for some of you who are still curious about the app version it's v12.29.57, which is running on Android O DP4, we don't think running Android O is making any difference.

Let us know if you are seeing this too by commenting below!

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[Video] Google's Phone App Getting In-Call Home Screen Floating Bubble

12:32:00 AM

Google's Phone app has many features for devices like Pixel, Nexus, and Android One and recently folks at 9to5Google discovered a new feature in the app which makes much easier to manage your calls right from your home screen.

Right now we don't know when this feature will be live for everyone but overall it is an amazing feature to have. So here is how it works, once your start the call with Google Phone, you can tap the home button and on the screen a blue circular phone icon will popup in the upper-left corner of your home screen .

You can move this icon all around the border of your home screen, and tapping on it will reveal three actions for ending the call, muting your microphone, and enabling the loudspeaker. In addition to this, holding down on this bubble/icon will take you back to the the main call screen.

We discovered this feature in version 11 of the Google Phone app, and it looks like it might be the most useful feature Google is testing as of late —  much more so than having a cat paw show you how to answer an incoming call, for instance.

This feature might come with Google Pixel 2 which is expected to be announced in October, we might see Google announce this and other new features to the Phone app then. Or, it could end up in the proverbial desktop trash can. 

Check out the video of the feature in action below:

Source : 9To5Google

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Android O 8.0 Will Be Announced On August 21 (Solar Eclipse Day)

9:44:00 PM

Google's upcoming Android OS update, which is Android O will be announced officially on August 21 with name of it and a statue of it. The information comes from David Ruddock and he works at Android Police.

In one of his tweet, he says that he knows the name, but doesn't want to play spoilsport. Ruddock also revealed that the Mountain View, California-based company is planning a spectacle surrounding the reveal.

Now, given that August 21 is a total solar eclipse day (at-least in the US, where such astronomical event was last witnessed around a century ago), it's quite possible that Google is planning something big this time around.

Also the famous leaker evleaks or Evan Blass gave the same statement on Twitter, so the chances of update getting released on that day is pretty high :

A solar eclipse day for revealing the official name could also be a strong hint of what the name could be, don't know why? Let me tell you, the eclipse looks a dark black disc which resembles the Oreo cookie and the white light behind it resembles the cream filling of it. Let's see what Google brings to us on 21st August.

Source : Mashable

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Friday, August 4, 2017

[Leaked] Google Pixel 2 Image Shows Big Bezels And Old Design

11:21:00 PM

Last year, Google launched one of the first pure Google phone which were the Pixel and Pixel XL. And if you liked those two devices we have a good news for you,  you'll also very much enjoy the 2017 edition of the Pixel or Pixel 2. As you can see from the newly leaked image below (blurry as it may be), the top and bottom bezels are still very noticeable and it has the previous model design.

This year, Google's flagship clearly bucks the trend of near bezel-less screens. But, unlike last year, at least there's a speaker housed in the bottom bezel. This will work in tandem with the one above to create a stereo effect.

And on the back side of the there's a single main camera unlike other phones, though it has to be said that some of the best pictures produced by mobile devices at the moment still come from single-camera smartphones, so don't be too upset about that. On the other hand, while you probably won't miss out on photo quality if you go with the Pixel 2, you will be left without gimmicks such as true black and white images or 'Portrait Mode'.

Both the device will have sqeezable frame feature from HTC's U11, despite the fact that HTC will only be producing the former (the XL 2 is made by LG). And both phones will come without a 3.5mm headset jack, so you can't say Google won't be following any trends at all.

Google's 2017 flagships are expected to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, and should launch this fall. The Pixel XL 2 will have smaller bezels than its predecessor, unlike the Pixel 2.

Source : Venturebeat

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