Friday, November 24, 2017

Nokia 8 Gets Android 8.0 Oreo, Nokia 6 And Nokia 5 Are Next

11:54:00 PM

Nokia or HMD Global is very much determined about keeping their Nokia phones up to date with the latest Android OS in a timely manner. With promises that even the lower-tier Nokia 3 will be getting a solid, 2-year, prompt update schedule, and that its phones will get Oreo by the end of 2017, all eyes are on the company, waiting for it to deliver.

Today, Nokia 8 flagship gets Android 8.0 Oreo update which has been confirmed in a Twitter post by HMD Global's Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas. According to the tweet, the company took user feedback under heavy consideration, everything has been “polished” and the update is rolling out today. The update is around 1.5GB which comes with November Security patch and here is the full changelog of the update :

There is no exact date for the other phones in HMD's portfolio, but they should be getting the patch soon enough. After all, 2017 is almost over.
Well, Nokia 8 users – congrats! Did the update reach you yet? How is it?

Source : Twitter

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OnePlus 5T Update Brings Fingerprint, Face Unlock Optimizations, Camera Improvements And More

3:50:00 PM

Recently, OnePlus released OnePlus 5T this week and today, company announced a new update for the device. The new OxygenOS 4.7.2 update that brings optimization for fingerprint and face unlock also improves screen off gestures and EIS during 4K video recording. It also fixes KRACK WP2 Wi-Fi protocol vulnerability. 

Check out the complete changelog below:

Optimizations for fingerprint unlockOptimizations for face unlockImproved accuracy of screen off gesturesImproved EIS during 4K video recordingWi-Fi WPA2 security patch (Krack vulnerability patch)General stability improvements and bug fixes

The OnePlus 5T OxygenOS 4.7.2 update is 48MB in size and is gradually rolling out to everyone. It still has October Android security patch. 
OnePlus also announced that it will improve camera on the OnePlus 5T with software updates, after reports from the community and media. This will include:
Improved low light photography, especially when it comes to detailImproved selfies to have a more natural exposureBeautification mode only on by default in certain markets in Asia going forward
OnePlus said that the camera improvements will roll out in the upcoming update early December, after being tested among a private group next week.

Source: OnePlus

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Google Rolls Out More Accurate Pixel Battery Life Estimates

3:32:00 PM

Today, Google's Product Manager, Michelle has announced that the company has rolled out some changes in the latest Device Health Services update for the Pixels to make the battery life estimates more accurate. The post details that the battery life estimates on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are now evaluated depending on your usage pattern.

If you’ve been using about 10% of your battery every hour the past few hours, your Android phone will estimate you’d be using it the same manner and predict estimates which often turn on inaccurate. However, this changes as the company is now is using an on-device model that evaluates how you use your phone’s battery over time.

Previously, the remaining battery life would be estimated based on simple assumptions. So, for example, if your device had consumed 10 percent battery every hour for the last few hours, the battery manager would assume the same rate of use for the next few hours and show the remaining battery life estimate based on that.

To check the remaining battery life estimate on your Pixel 2, head over to Settings -> Battery where you will find the remaining battery estimate.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were already champions in the battery life department and their more accurate battery life estimates will now act as a cherry on top of a cake for heavy users.

Source : Pixel User Community

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pixel and Pixel XL Gets Pixel 2 Launcher Experience

4:03:00 PM

The first generation Google Pixel and Pixel XL have some new UI refinements just like Pixel 2, thanks to the Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview build. However, there were differences in that not all Pixel 2 bells and whistles had made their way to the older generation of phones made by Google. This is now changing, thanks to what seems like a server-side switch on Google's end.

Left : Old / Right : New
The tweaks brought by the update are somewhat minor, but nonetheless help bridge the gap between the two generations of Pixels in terms of UI, at least. The first change becomes apparent on opening the app drawer. Before the update, the app drawer on the original Pixels used to have a simple "Search Apps" field at the top, but now it's been tweaked to match that of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with a rounded search bar up top. 

Additionally, as you go to search from within the app drawer, you won’t just see apps as results. Instead, you’ll get search history from Google Searches, as well as app suggestions.

If you are running Android 8.1 on your original Pixel or Pixel 2 XL, this update should roll out to your device soon.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Samsung Giving iPhone Owners A Chance To Test Drive Galaxy S8 Or Note 8 For A Month

1:13:00 AM

Samsung has launched a new ‘Galaxy Experience Program’ in South Korea where it will allow iPhone owners to use a Galaxy S8 or a Galaxy Note 8 for a month to experience the Android and Galaxy ecosystem. The company hopes that the experience would be good enough for these iPhone owners to compel them to switch to a Galaxy smartphone.

If you live in South Korea and own an iPhone, you can register yourself for this program by filling a form online. Samsung is accepting registrations until November 27th and will then pick 10,000 lucky participants on November 30th. These selected winners would be able to collect their device from the nearest Samsung Digital Plaza by paying a small participation fee of around $45 and then use it for a month. At the end of the trial period, if the user likes the phone and decides to buy it, their participation fee would be refunded. In addition, they would also get gifts like a JBL Go speaker on purchasing the handset as well.

The experience program is limited to South Korea for now but the company can possibly look to expand it to other countries like the United States depending on how successful it is in its home country.

Incidentally, the iPhone X launches in South Korea on December 3. It is clear that Samsung is hoping to lure in customers who plan on upgrading to the iPhone X early next month with its new marketing campaign. However, whether it works for the company or not is something that only time will tell.

Source : SamMobile

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

[APK] Android Messages v2.7 Brings Money Transfer, Duo Integration And More

1:08:00 PM

Today, Google updates their default SMS application Android Messages. The update for this app bumps Android Messages app from version 2.5 to version 2.7. While there aren’t any significant changes to the interface, the APK did get a size reduction as well as two new features integrated into the app.

The first feature is Duo calling integration. Duo is Android’s default video calling app, and placing a video calling icon right in the SMS conversation window is a great way to get more folks using the free service.

Also new to the Android messages app is a method of sending or requesting payments from friends. The service is provided by Google Wallet, which was among the first NFC payment services in the US before Google phased it into Android Pay. Google Wallet also had its own debit card, but it has also been phased out.

According to an APK teardown by Android Police, the app is also getting ready to streamline the notification indicator. Rather than displaying “New messages below” in the SMS conversation, it would say “X new message(s)” where X is the number of new messages below.

However, a more noteworthy feature is RCS support for dualSIM smartphones. RCS stands for “Rich Communication Services” and offers larger attachment allowances, read receipts, and lets you know when the recipient is typing. The update supports RCS features on smartphones with two active lines.

To get all these features, you will need to update your app to v2.7. If the update is not live for you on Play Store, you can sideload is via APK from below :

Source : Android Police

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Monday, November 20, 2017

[APK] Gboard Updated With Sticker Pack Support And 40 Additional Languages

11:56:00 PM

Today, Google updated their Gboard app which brings support for 40 additional languages, including native input for Japanese, which, along with other non-Latin script languages, was up until now relegated to a separate input method. This update for Gboard rounds up the total number of supported languages to 120!

Not only languages, the latest Gboard update also brings native stickers support to Google's virtual keyboard. Up until now, users had to have Google Allo installed on their devices, in order to be able to use stickers within Gboard, but this changes in version 6.17, which introduces four sticker packs native to the keyboard app.

Gboard 6.17.15 is now rolling out on Google Play. If the update has not yet been pushed to your device, you can grab it from APKMirror from below :

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OnePlus 5T Proves Its Toughness In Durability Test

9:53:00 PM

OnePlus recently announced OnePlus 5T and which will start selling tomorrow on 21st November. Buyers are waiting for the chance to get the phone and also get the reviews whether it is worth it or not. OnePlus is making phones for years and never disappointed in terms of build quality. 

But can the same be said about the company's latest flagship, the OnePlus 5T? Popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything has decided to find out by subjecting the device to his famous durability test.

Starting off with the usual screen scratch test, the OnePlus 5T manages to hold its own. Thanks to Gorilla Glass 5, the phone scratches at a point where any 2017 flagship would.

The 16MP front camera is also protected by the same toughened glass that safeguards the display, so coins and keys in your pocket won't be able to do any damage. Meanwhile, the earpiece grille is made of metal, and unlike most nylon coverings, there's little risk of piercing it with a sharp object. 

Moving on to the other side, the anodized aluminum alloy back plate of the phone can be easily scraped by a razor, but it should be more than tough enough for day to day use. The rear-positioned fingerprint scanner is made of ceramic, meaning that it's virtually immune to scratches.

Perhaps the only trial which the OnePlus 5T failed was the burn test – the 6-inch AMOLED screen didn't recover from the burn mark, which was applied with a common lighter. Still, you'd have to subject your phone to 20 seconds of abuse to achieve similar results. 

After the flame-to-screen trial, the OnePlus 5T is then finally put to the bending test. The handset flexes a little but then locks out. Check out the whole video below:

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