Saturday, May 27, 2017

Andy Rubin's Essential Teases A Mysterious Image Of Upcoming Smartphone

5:10:00 PM

Andy Rubin's company Essential will release a new smartphone which was teased long back. The project is expected to be big but maybe not exactly as the Android platform. Essential just posted a teaser over on Twitter, saying that “something big is coming” on the 30th of May. It’s going to be a new phone and even Rubin is excited about the announcement.

Recode’s Code Conference will be happening next week where Rubin will be speaking. We’re assuming the phone will be unveiled there at the event and finally show off a phone that was leaked earlier with very minimal bezels and curved corners on the display. The smartphone is said to be powered by Android–one of Andy Rubin’s first babies.

If you may remember back in 2014, Rubin left Google to help a new hardware tech startup. We learned earlier this year that his new company has been working on the Essential smartphone. It was shown off as an almost bezel-less phone and has already reached GFXBench. All these and more happened even if Softbank backed out of a multi-million dollar on Andy Rubin’s startup.

The image shows a smartphone being held in someone’s hand, but is silhouetted so that most details are concealed. There is something on top of the phone we’re assuming is a camera. However, it can also be anything like maybe an add-on accessory for mobile payment, a flash, or a personal diffuser (kidding). For some, it could even be a breathalayzer. Or a 360 degree camera for real, see below in the edited picture :
We can’t figure out what that one is but let’s just wait and see until the official 

Source : Essential (Twitter)

Thanks Yash Gumaste!

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Google Photos Gets Archive Feature Which Hide Images From The Main Feed

12:09:00 PM

If you use your Google Photos app very much then you might be making a mess in terms of organizing and getting cluttered, Google has a way to help clean that up without deleting content.

Today, Google Photos has a new feature called Archive which is rolling out to users. Now, you’ll be able to select photos or videos to remove from the primary photo viewer, and simply slot them in a different folder. This means you can clean up the primary camera roll without deleting photos. (The archived photos will still be present in albums, though.)

To make it work, users just need to select a photo or video, or multiple of each, and then select the menu at the top right of the screen. There’s a new archive option. Select that and your chosen photos and videos will be put in a separate archive folder. Or you can slide out the side-menu and tap on Archive, selecting photos afterwards.

The new feature begins rolling out today. A link to download Google Photos is available below.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Google Opinion Rewards Is Now Available In India, Singapore And Turkey

10:57:00 AM

Google Opinion Rewards is an app which allows you to earn free Google Play Credits for completing surveys. Other countries like US had this app for years, but now few other countries are joining the fold.

As can be seen in the app’s changelog over at the Play Store, the latest version adds support for India, Singapore, and Turkey:

Now available in India, Singapore and Turkey.
So, as goes without saying, you can now download Google Opinion Rewards if you reside in any of these three countries. Those in the US (or other countries where Opinion Rewards has long been available) won’t see any difference. As always, you can get the app from the Play Store.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

[APK] Instagram v10.22 Brings Location Stories and Hashtag Stories

11:27:00 PM

Today, Instagram rolling an update which adds two new features, Location Stories and Hashtag Stories. These features allows users to discover more content based on a place or  things of interest, all from the same Explore tab. 

Before this update, the Explore tab previously used to show photos and video, based on what your friends like/follow and your current location. 

For example, if you search for New York City, you’ll find a story based solely on photos and videos of New York City. If you’re into Lacrosse, you can search that hashtag and potentially find a story based on that.

Also, your photos and videos can be added to a larger story, too. If you use hashtags and location tags, and Instagram happens to need that content, your media can be added for the entire Instagram community to view it. Just to note, though, you’ll need a public profile.

These new features are part of the Instagram 10.22 update, which is rolling out on the Play Store right now. You can also grab it from APKMirror from below, if you want. Hashtag stories will be rolling out "over the coming weeks."
Source : Instagram

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Enable Android O's Picture-in-Picture Mode

6:10:00 PM

Recently, Google released another update as second developer preview of Android O, (most likely to be called "Android 8.0 Oreo" but I am not betting on it), bringing many new features and goodies for Android enthusiasts with supported devices. There is a feature called Picture-in-Picture mode which was demoed on the stage but many people couldn't make it work when they downloaded the update, so, today we will teach you how to enable it.

It's a fairly simple process, but can get confusing if this is your first time tinkering with Developer options or the System UI Tuner. Not to worry, though, we're here to walk you through the entire process, since Picture-in-Picture is pretty cool, and everyone deserves to try it out at least once.

Step 1 : Enable the System UI Tuner Menu

In order to toggle Picture-in-Picture mode, we first have to add an extra button to the navigation bar. This additional button can only be added through the hidden System UI Tuner menu, so go ahead and enable it by holding down on the gear icon at the top of the fully expanded Quick Settings panel.

Step 2 : Add an Extra Button

Once you've enabled the System UI Tuner, locate it in Settings -> System -> System UI Tuner. Then, go ahead and tap on the "Navigation bar" entry.

Here, you'll see options for adding extra left and right navigation bar buttons. Go ahead and tap on either of them and select "Keycode," then tap on the new "Right keycode" or "Left keycode" option corresponding with your placement choice. A text input field will pop up, so enter 171 here. Then, tap on "Right icon" or "Left icon," and select the icon you want to represent PiP.

At this point, your navigation bar should now have an extra button, but we still need to try out PiP mode with a supported app to see exactly how it works.

Step 3 : Try It Out

To try out Picture-in-Picture mode, open up a supported app such as YouTube, Chrome And Google Duo then tap the new button on your navigation bar. You'll see YouTube shrink down to almost nothing, but the video will continue. Theoretically, this should work in most apps that support video playback.

You can then open up Chrome and browse away, check your email, or even get directions from Maps. The tiny YouTube frame can also be dragged around and placed elsewhere, so it'll never really be in your way.

Be sure to leave a comment below letting us know of any cool features you've noticed while poking around the latest Android version.

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OnePlus Teases Four Colors For OnePlus 5

3:35:00 PM

As you all know, OnePlus is going release their "flagship killer" as OnePlus 5 and they are very good at making the hype because recently they have announced that they are partnering up with DxOMark to bring a better camera experience. Today, OnePlus might have teased which colors you’ll be able to buy its 2017 flagship in.

Releasing a device in a number of colors? It’s not OnePlus’ style, but that could change this year. The OnePlus 5 could be sold in black, blue, purple, teal, red, and gold. Or we’re totally looking too far into a tweet sent out by the company on Monday and the phone will be offered in one or two colors like usual.

The tweet asks, “What 5hould the color of your next phone be?” along with an image showing four colors. Notice that, in the text, the number five is used instead of a letter. Clearly OnePlus is referring to the OnePlus 5 in some way. The assumption around the web is that we’re getting a look at the colors the phone will be offered in.

Earlier this month, OnePlus confirmed its 2017 flagship would be announced during the summer months. Currently it’s expected that the OnePlus 5 will debut in June. While we don’t know anything for sure right now, that seems accurate as most of the company’s previous devices were launched in the same season. So, like last year, June is probably the month we get to see OnePlus’ next phone.

Source : OnePlus (Twitter)

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Google Hangouts Dropping SMS Support Today, Excluding Google Voice And Project Fi Users

1:47:00 PM

Welp, the day is finally here. Google warned us months ago that SMS support would be removed from Google Hangouts on May 22, and that day has now arrived. In only a few short hours, anyone who isn’t a Project Fi subscriber or Google Voice users, will no longer be able to send SMS in Hangouts. As of today, it's finally set to happen. 

If you want some app which is close to Hangouts, Google's stock Android Messages isn't so bad. But, if you've been enjoying having SMS and chats merged, that isn't really a solution. Allo is always an option. But, that's the same issue from the other side, you'd still need to find a way to send SMS messages. Also there is Facebook Messenger or Signal, which both provide a combined SMS and chat solution. Every app has it's advantages and disadvantages, though.  The latter doesn't have quite the same feature set that Hangouts did, and the former is a Facebook product.

Anyways, it's time to say bye. You might have just enough left to send one last SMS before the lights are shut off. If you still plan on using Hangouts for chats going forward, make sure you've updated to the latest version of over at Google Play or APKMirror.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Android O Features A Pause Button For System Updates

12:39:00 AM

When you download big files, it is not an enjoyable thing unless you have a very good internet or unlimited data which you can enable it without being around WiFi. Google acknowledged it and Android O's second developer preview now features a 'pause download' button. 

This is not a new feature on Android, Google Chrome supports it since Chrome 50 and it is extremely helpful for people who are little worried about their internet. This feature can be helpful when your WiFi is slow to download  this large OTA but you are leaving the house where there is no WiFi. You'll either have to stay till your download is complete or re-downloading the same portion of the update every night again and again. 

However, we didn't see this feature in the recent minor update which was around 50MB, maybe Google thinks that small downloads like shouldn't have this feature. But we saw this for big updates which was sent out to fix the previous one for Nexus devices. This would make sense, stay tuned for more news like this.

Source : Android Police

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